Saturday, January 17, 2015

My inappropriate return

By "inappropriate" I mean both seasonally and age-wise. But, hey, I'm back!

I sewed this pattern slowly, in stops and starts over several weeks (months?), and excuse the melodrama, but it was like learning to walk again. Having not worked on a sewing project since maybe June, I was real rusty.

The pattern is the Fancy Tiger Crafts Sailor Top. It has great instructions, especially for a beginner, or someone like me who's trying to remind herself that she knows how to sew. I especially appreciated the raglan sleeves.

The fabric is a very lightweight cottony something or other from the Lisette line, and does give off a slight whiff of children's apparel (smells like teen spirit preschool). I bought it at Joann's a few months back, in a bout of retail therapy. Funny thing is, almost immediately after my purchase - like the next day, I started to feel a distinct shift in my style taking place. I've always been someone who can look at an array of objects/prints/whatever and immediately pick what I like, definitively. I found I was suddenly disgusted by the cutesy florals and bright colors in my closet. Ditzy prints and peter pan collars? How twee - how could I be bothered? Polka dots? Who CARES -- all those things I'd been drawn to, basically my entire life up 'til this point, seemed to say all is well, delightful, and predictable, which didn't feel right anymore.

This was... unexpected. I'll attribute it to winter's general bleakness, and my (now not so recent) singledom making me want to feel like an adult who has her shit together, and not like a naive, silly girl who prances around in pink polka dots (not that there's anything wrong with that). Those things are just not for me at the moment. It's much easier to both dress and feel happy-go-lucky in the summer, right?

I forced myself to power through (if you could even call it that, it was so SLOW!) sewing this top, and over the time it took to complete I've come to accept the garment, sloppy gathering & dodgy ditch-stitching and all. I'll tuck it away in my closet to save for spring, and move on to something that feels more sleek and appropriate for the moment.

But, you guys! Grumblings aside, I am truly pleased to have finished a project. Finally! I do intend to sew more things and more often than I'd been doing recently. It does feel pretty good to be creating things again. Also, I've got the Finch Makers Retreat coming up and am starting to get excited! April Rhodes will be there, y'all -- APRIL RHODES!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

So, there's that

There's something I've been meaning to share with you guys for the past 2 months, but wasn't sure just how I should do it. At this point, all I can think to do is blurt it out, so here it is: after eight years together Tom and I decided to part ways, on friendly (but unavoidably emotional) terms. He's even made a big move across the country for work, which seems to have helped officially set us on our separate paths.

We still talk, and I'm still here doing my thing, but the creative juices have not been, let's say, flowing as much as I'm used to. Cooking dinner or rearranging pictures on the wall seem like very simple tasks but are the types of things that have been sapping me of creative energy day-to-day.

Please don't picture me dejected on the couch, though. I've also picked up a couple of new activities that have been filling my weeks. I joined my company's softball team this fall (had not picked up a ball/glove in about a decade) and have been taking a yoga class with my mom. I've also been going to at least one estate sale a weekend, which I'm definitely enjoying. Add hanging out with my girlfriends to the mix and there's not much time left over for sewing or other creative pursuits.

This life change has also brought me to work on revamping my home for a fresh start, and to fill new furniture gaps (I've learned I'm very picky about coffee tables!), including my sewing space, sort-of pictured above, and finally very gently dipping my toe back into some sewy things (yes, cutting out, but not actually sewing, a PDF pattern and fabric counts).

There is not much to officially show for it yet, but I just wanted to let you guys know I'm really still here... doing some things!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Late > Never? #OWOP14

So what if it's the end of September? Here I am with my OWOP outfits, for your viewing pleasure.

As you can see, I picked the Laurel dress/top by Colette Patterns. I wasn't even forced to repeat the Leopard Laurel on days 2 and 7, I just wanted to! That's how much I love that dress (read: secret pajamas).

I'm starting to feel my current style drift a little bit away from cutesy/quirky/colorful and lean more toward darker tones, sometimes more modern looks, and things that don't make me feel too twee. I found myself a bit uncomfortable in my Floral Laurel and Ruffle Sleeve Laurel this week. Even my peter pan collar was getting to me. Maybe it's a new life phase, maybe it's just the changing seasons. My favorite outfit of the week was day 5, my Back to School Laurel paired with sheer black tights and ankle boots. Ready for fall, y'all!

And, just because you've been nice enough to stick around in my recent absence, I'll let you in on a little secret. There's been no sewing happening in these parts as my sewing room is currently experiencing a dramatic revamping. I will be sharing some new sewing space shots once things are put back together, don't you worry. Until then, plz enjoy this image of my new computer desk (lives in under-construction sewing room), yay!

My place is a bit dark, so anything light/white/bright is super refreshing and a big help to keep things from feeling gross and drab. I've been taking a lot of inspiration from Heather Lou, Tilly, and Shanni's recent sewing space posts, so hopefully I'll end up with a sewing space that can keep the inspiration flowing.